1st floor

The winery is located on the main street of Porrera, a few meters from the vineyards.

Taking into account that the vines are arranged in different exposures, altitudes, and slopes, which largely determine the differences to achieve their maturation, it requires us to make a very selective harvest of small volumes. This uniqueness is reflected in the multiple micro vinifications that we develop during the harvest.

In this room, we find the tanks for making our wines. Basically small volume tanks. The vinifications are carried out with indigenous yeasts and with the least possible intervention.

A part of this first floor is where we bottle and label and in an adjoining room, we have a barrel room.

2nd Floor

On the second floor, we find our most special barrel room, where we find our best lots of wines. All our wines go through barrels, still wines, and sweets. With the aging in barrels, we seek greater sensory complexity, both aromatically and in the mouth. The barrel gives us part of the structure and guarantees us a longer life for our wines through the time. The aging period in barrels is between 12-16 months, in new barrels and second and third use of French Oak, to achieve a good balance between the contribution of the barrel and the varietal part of our bunches, and that the impact of the wood is moderate. For this, we also work with different volumes in our barrels, 225L. 300L and 500L.

For our sweets wines, we work with 60 and 125L barrels of different woods, acacia, French oak, and chestnut, achieving greater complexity and personality.

3rd Floor

Our third floor is dedicated to our tasting room, where the most important decisions of our wines are made by evaluating their different complexities. In this same room, there is the social area, where we carry out the pairings and tastings that we share during the winery visits.

The tasting room has a large terrace that allows us to observe beautiful views of the town of Porrera and of all our vineyards. In it you can delve into the pairing of the senses: visual (The vineyards and the population), gustatory (wine tasting), auditory (the sound of rurality), which transports you to a magical and idyllic moment, which allows you understand our motivation and effort, culminating in the pleasure of sharing our work.

Alvarez Duran Priorat is a commitment to quality: quality in our products and quality in the emotions we share during visits.