The identity of our wines is forged on the slopes made out of llicorella soil in Porrera. Red, white, and sweet make up a reality based on the typicity of a singular land with unique characteristics. Wines that seek to capture the passion of the family in the cultivation of the vineyard with the utmost respect for tradition and the natural environment.

Dual Dual Porrera Vi de Vila Porrera Vi de Vila Nectar de los Angeles Nectar de los Angeles Oro de los Angeles Oro de los Angeles Terroir X el Segundo Terroir X el Segundo Terroir X la Tercera Terroir X la Tercera Terroir X la Viña Vieja Terroir X la Viña Vieja


Our visits are personalized so we can adapt to all your needs. They are guided by the owners or by people close to the family that shares our passion and commitment in caring for the vineyards and making wines, the fruit of the grapes that grow on our farms located in Porrera, in the prestigious region of the Denomination of Origin Qualified Priorat.

During the visit, you will have the opportunity to see, feel, learn, and share a unique experience. You will learn a little more about our land, the vineyards, the town, and the wines from the Álvarez Duran family.

We want to make you feel like a friend and that you can have a personalized experience.

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